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23 January 2014: Joint Final Workshop in Paris with FP7-PRACTICE project, co-organised with the French High Committee for Civil Defence, HCFDC.
11 December 2013: Plenary and AUG meeting hosted by RKI in Berlin, Germany
19-22 Nov 2013: BIO-Protect at Milipol 2013 Paris, France - Online Talk-Show with Project Coordinator Vincent Chauvet

29-31 Oct 2013: The BIO-Protect project was presented at the poster session of the 6th CBRNe Convergence 2013, which took place on 29-31 October 2013 in San Diego, USA. 7-10 Oct 2013: The BIO-Protect Test Campaign took place at CBO Techonin on 7-10 October 2013 in the Czech Republic.
Click to download poster Test Campaign at CBO Techonin

Plenary and AUG meetings in Copenhagen: 12-13 September 2013Plenary and AUG meetings in Mikkeli: 2-3 May 2013
Plenary meeting in CopenhagenPlenary meeting in Mikkeli

Plenary meeting in Grenoble: 11-12January 2012Plenary meeting in Marseille: 23-24 May 2011
Plenary meeting in GrenoblePlenary meeting in Marseille

Plenary meeting in Berlin: 24-25 November 2010Kick-off meeting in Paris: 16-17 June 2010
Plenary meeting in BerlinKick-off meeting: 16-17 June 2010
The BIO-Protect final Workshop was held in Paris on 23 January 2014.
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